Gay Couple

In this Czech GAV update, we have another gay couple getting paid to get fucked. We saw these two in a train today, they were the only two there so they were the perfect target. You know how these Czech guys are, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity to make some fast money. We went to them and we were right, they are into guys and they are completely broke.

When they heard how much money are going to give them they immediately accepted. In no time they were on their knees with our dicks in their mouths. After they cleaned them real good their asses were next. We took turns and pounded them the entire ride in the middle of the train without anyone bothering us. After we offered them an extra hundred they let us release the video and here it is. It was a flawless video and they deserved all the money! Check them out in the steamy update below and enjoy!

Take a look at these broke amateurs sucking dicks for cash!