Czech Gay Toilets

In this Czech gav episode, we have a solo scene for you guys. This poor guy didn’t have any idea that he was being recorded while he was peeing, flashing his dick to the camera. The pub his friends took him to had a really weird owner that put cameras all over the place, including the bathrooms. He didn’t tell any of her customers about them, so everyone went there and did their things.

After a couple of beers, we went to pee and got recorded. But this isn’t the weird part of it all because while he was peeing he watched some porn, a blowjob video. The owner showed the video to some of his friends and afterward, everyone shared it and that’s how it got in our hands. You gotta see this guy and his big dick, there are some really good shots you shouldn’t miss out. This was all for today until next time makes sure you check out the rest of the updates. Enjoy!

Check out this guy pissing in a public bathroom!